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In-House and Client Onsite Training Programs

ImStrat Corporation develops and delivers highly professional intelligence and Geospatial Intelligence training courses, spanning a spectrum of subject matter. Ranging from the fundamentals of intelligence and imagery interpretation, to advanced Targeting and Battle Damage Assessment programs.

Training Development and Delivery Standards

All training programs have been professionally and rigorously developed and delivered by highly qualified instructors within their areas of expertise, implementing the latest Tactics, Techniques and Procedures, (TTP's), in addition to the latest commercial technology available.

  • Course duration's range from 5 days to 6 month periods, dependent upon the course subject.

  • For confidential purposes, these courses are designed for single client group classes of between 12 and 20 students each. For individual student classes, refer to the eLearning GEOINT Centre.

  • The standards used within Course Training Plans (CTP’s) are in accordance with Canadian System Approach to Training (SAT) Guidelines and University educational processes, ADDIE.

  • All course material is continuously researched and updated with the latest TTP's, commercial technology and up to date multi-sensor satellite and airborne imagery.

  • Each course program has a series of identified Learning Outcomes. In turn, these Learning Outcomes are tested either through written tests and practical tests.

  • Students on formal courses are rigorously tested, with the minimum passing grade of 75%.

  • On average, students will receive 40% theoretical and 60% practical hands-on training.

  • All Students are provided a final course report showing all marks and comments on strengths and areas to improve.

  • Students receives a formal training course certificate on successful completion of a course (s).


Core Education Training Courses


ImStrat Corporations extensive catalog of 'off-the-shelf' training programs include, but not limited to:

core course descriptions2.jpg

Specialized Educational Courses

  • Remote Sensing Satellite Operations and Orbital Mechanics

  • Warning Intelligence (Indications and Warning (I&W))

  • Ballistic Missile Systems and Production

  • Nuclear Production

  • Ballistic Missile and Anti-Ballistic Missile Testing

  • Ground Order of Battle and TTP

  • SIGINT, EW and C4ISR Facilities

  • Aircraft Production Analysis

  • UAV Production and Operational use

  • Ship and Submarine Construction

  • Air Defence System

  • Counter Insurgency Operations


The specialized course duration's range from 5 to 10 days. This will l vary, dependent upon the content material and the level of student pre-requisite knowledge and skill-sets

Customized Educational Courses

All course offerings are customizable to suite the clients immediate operational needs. This includes imagery specific geo-target locations, types of land, air and sea equipment and weapon systems, and variation of application specific subject matter lessons. To discuss your needs, contact ImStrat directly to discuss your requirements.

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