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ImStrat Corporation works closely with key strategic partners within the remote sensing and defence industries here in Canada and select foreign partners. These key complimentary partners are tied together through ImStrat's unique ability to integrate and link all partners products and services into a complete actionable solution for clients around the world, at a fraction of the cost of the major global defence companies.


Larus Total::Insight™ is a predictive analytics decision support system
for defense contractors and system integrators who demand optimal
situational awareness for their C4ISR and Security Systems.


With unrivaled accuracy, agility and collection capacity, our high-resolution constellation offers customers around the globe affordable access to the highest quality view of their world.


To make vital information about our planet more accessible and reliable than ever before, we’re leveraging proven technologies in ways that are entirely new—building constellations of SAR satellites that can bring you the latest information about any spot on the planet within the hour.

Capella’s high revisit SAR satellites capture high quality Earth imagery with resolution down to 0.5 meter.

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