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Our Story


ImStrat Corporation was established in the fall of 1997 to offer highly specialized geospatial intelligence related services and select training programs to authorized global clients.

Originating from the five (5) eyes community with a wealth of practical experience and knowledge of strategic, operational and tactical ISR GEOINT analysis and product generation.


Proven History of Success and Satisfaction

Over its 23 year history, ImStrat has trained over 3,000 personnel from over 25 allied and partner nations across the globe.


Business Model

ImStrat is a dynamic and flexible company which works closely with like-minded organizations and subject matter experts when needed to fulfill the clients needs. 

Business Meeting

Professionalism and Currency

ImStrat has firmly established a very high level of professionalism and dedication to its clients needs and requirements. As new technology and processes are developed, these techniques are fully integrated within all analytical services and training support programs. This ensures the client receives the most current methodologies and knowledge. 


Independence and Honesty 

The first rule of Intelligence is, 'never lie'. This simple rule applies to all aspects of ImStrat's business and services. Being independent from technology based vendors and ensuring only the most qualified and honest personnel are employed, ImStrat delivers a completely transparent and honest approach to all services. 

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